Welcome to Worship Software

My name is Tony Parker and I’ve been involved with the development of Churches since 2002. I first started out as a Director of IT for The Rock Church in San Diego, CA. I was called into ministry while taking an undetermined leave of absence from the dot com industry. I moved to La Jolla, CA from San Mateo, CA in 2002 and was looking for a Church to attend. My good friend Jason told me about The Rock Church so I checked it out. I immediately fell in love with The Rock and made it my home Church. After about six months of rest and relaxation (swimming the La Jolla cove everyday) and finishing the book ‘Purpose Driven Life’ I called Miles McPherson¬†at the Rock and answered an Ad looking for an IT professional.

For almost two years I was blessed to serve at such a powerful Church of loving Christians. During my time I took Miles McPherson’s sermons to the internet with in house streaming servers. There was no YouTube.com yet. Along with a team of web developers we made The Rock into a high tech eChurch. Online web 2.0 micro sites for ministries inside the Church, the University and private school. After my stay at The Rock I got back into the tech industry again but my heart was and still is serving Churches with technology to help them spread the gospel and keep their flock engaged and plugged in.

Because I can’t just do one thing I also started a Church web hosting company in 2002 that was later purchased by a Canadian company and still continues to bless Churches with wonderful websites.

Please let me know what you need in regards to worship software and Church technology in general and God Bless you and your ministry.

~Tony Parker