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Worship Media Pro – Media DVD Release

 •  February 17

Worship Media Pro DVD Collection Just released, all new 4 DVD set. Over 1,170 and 30GB of media files. The worship media consist of motion loops,...

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EasyWorship Release 2013 Information

 •  June 21

All New EasyWorship for 2013 - Coming Soon! The all new EasyWorship is just around the corner! There are preview videos now posting daily with a...

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EasyWorship For Mac Release

 •  June 15

The interfaces will be similar to each other and will still incorporate the same flow as the EasyWorship 2009 version. Although there is not much...

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EasyWorship 2012

 •  May 24

With this coming release of EasyWorship 2012 there have been some questions regarding prices for upgrading and new purchases.  The great news is a...

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Free Worship Loop

 •  December 6

Get Free Loop Here

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Is there an EasyWorship 2012?

 •  September 13

I'd imagine there is now some media techs wondering what the next version of EasyWorship will be and most important when will it be released. Well,...

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Choosing Backgrounds Size & Format

 •  August 3

Learn how to choose the correct motion backgrounds for your worship software. This information table is extremely helpful in understanding your...

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10 Amazing Worship Motion Loops

 •  July 29

Worship motion loops 1080p HD, 720p HD & standard. All in MOV and WMV format. Free with software purchase.

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Mastering Schedules in EasyWorship 2009

 •  March 22

This video tutorial by Worship Media Pro steps you through setting global font sizes and types. Global lyrics position and sizes. Editing songs in...

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Using Schedules in EasyWorship 2009

 •  March 22

Learn how to create a schedule EasyWorship from the ground up. Also how to package your schedule to transfer between computers. Most media...

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Loading Backgrounds in EasyWorship

 •  March 22

Learn how to load and manage media files in EasyWorship 2009. Work with EasyWorship's media library and schedules using backgrounds with motion and...

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New EasyWorship 2011 Update

 •  February 14

This will work on both Apple Mac OS X and Windows systems. What a great idea given most larger Churches have several ministries and some ministries...

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EasyWorship 2011 Release?

 •  February 2

Currently EasyWorship is solid and full of features. Don't let the (2009) discourage you.

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