EasyWorship 2009 – DVD Clip In Schedule – Lesson 6

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EasyWorship 2009 Tutorial Difficulty Level:Beginner

This Tutorial Explains the Following EasyWorship Features in This Order:

  • DVD Menu Overview
  • Creating Clip Name
  • Creating Thumbnail
  • Setting In/Out Points
  • Selecting Segments
  • Adding DVD Clips to Schedule
  • Playing DVD Clips

This tutorial shows you how to work with DVDs in EasyWorship. Something I’ve noticed is that churches like to play clips from movies more often than playing the entire movie, thats where this feature comes in handy. This feature allows you to select specific portions of DVD movies, specific chapters, or simply the entire movie. One thing that was mentioned in the video that I would like to reiterate is to not use DVD clips as loops for backgrounds, DVDs are fairly slow and because of that when it gets to loop point there will be a moment of lag. This¬†doesn’t have anything to do with the software this is simply a limitation of DVDs. Another thing I would like to point out is that when you create a clip it is not saving anything to the computer, it is simply creating a time reference and therefore the DVD must remain in the computer for the video to play.

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