EasyWorship 2009 – Foldback Display – Lesson 7

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EasyWorship 2009 Tutorial Difficulty Level:Advanced

This Tutorial Explains the Following EasyWorship Features in This Order:

  • What is a Foldback Display?
  • Hardware requirements
  • Display Properties Overview
  • Configuring Primary Display and Projection Display in EasyWorship
  • Configuring Foldback Display

This tutorial shows you how to get up and running with the FoldBack Display. This feature is extremely useful and is a great addition the EasyWorship software. This allows you to create a special display for your worship leader, choir, or anyone that needs it. You are able to customize the Foldback Display to show only the information the recipient needs and some extra things that the worship leader might need to see that the congregation¬†doesn’t like: current time, next lyric, and a private message. These things can come in very handy when playing a new song or maybe you’re on a tight schedule. The private message function can be very handy for sound purposes if something needs to be adjusted on stage like a guiar amp you can send a discreet message without¬†interrupting the service. I find this to be one of the most useful features in EasyWorship and I hope this tutorial can get you set up and ready to go with Foldback Display.

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