EasyWorship 2009 – Convert from PowerPoint to EasyWorship with ease – Lesson 8

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EasyWorship 2009 Tutorial Difficulty Level:Beginner

This Tutorial Explains the Following EasyWorship Features in This Order:

  • EasyWorship Interface Overview
  • Adding Songs to The Schedule
  • Adding Backgrounds to Songs
  • Adding Video Backgrounds to Songs
  • Importing PowerPoint Files Into EasyWorship
  • Saving Schedules
  • Presenting Songs
  • Clear, Black, and Logo Options

This tutorial covers the basics of the interface with things like the clear button which removes all the lyrics and displays only the background, the black button which clears everything on the screen and displays a black projection, and the logo button which displays your church/company logo that you set ahead of time. The video also goes over adding songs and media and organizing your schedule. Another great feature in EasyWorship is the PowerPoint Integration, there is no need to switch programs for the pastors presentations or for announcement loops. All of these topics are covered in more depth in our other tutorials which can be found on our blog. Worshipsoftware.com 

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