EasyWorship 2010 Update

September 1, 2010 at 11:44 pm  •  Posted in Worship Software Review by  •  0 Comments

I have been closely watching the blogs and forum posts to see the anticipation to EasyWorship 2010 worship software. It appears there will be a PC and MAC OS X release at the same time (cross-platform). The most recent update was on 8/23/2010 regarding some small code cleanup that needs to happen before the release.

We are excited at this new release and hope to see features like native MOV H.264 and more.

The one thing I like about SoftTouch the maker of EasyWorship is they simply do not add any marketing fluff. They will just release it when it is ready and history has shown that their releases are stable at version 1. Keep up the great work SoftTouch and I can’t wait for this new cross-platform release!

If you want to purchase EasyWorship 2009 you can purchase it from Worship Media Pro and get free backgrounds included. Nice deal!

Stay tuned….

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