ProPresenter 5 – Working with Video and Images – Lesson 4

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ProPresenter 5 Tutorial: Difficulty Level – Beginner


This Tutorial Explains the Following Features in This Order:

  • Using the Video and Image Bin
  • The Difference Between Foreground and Background Videos
  • Folder types
  • How to use Hot Folders
  • Automatic Media Management
  • Image and Video Editing Features Such as:
    Image Flip and many more…
  • Adding Media from the Image and Media Bin to a Playlist or Presentation
  • Changing the Transitions for Background Media
  • Adding Media as a Stand-Alone Slide

This tutorial covers the very important topic of media management. There are options like Hot Folders that update your media in PropPresenter whenever new items are placed into a specified folder and group folder that keep your media organized. The video and image editing features are also very useful, theoretically they will allow you to turn one background into several different ones through all of the different modifications ProPresenter allows you to do. I found this tutorial very informative and the features that it explains are extremely useful.

Video tutorial credit goes to Brad Zimmerman. YouTube Channel

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