ProPresenter 5 – Basic Set Up – Lesson 2

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ProPresenter 5 Tutorial: Difficulty Level – Intermediate

This Tutorial does an Overview of the Preferences Window in This Order:

  • Library Management
  • Application Data Management
  • Media Folders and Automatic Searching of Those Folders
  • CCLI Management
  • Output Display Configuration
  • Slide Label Presets
  • DVD Playback Settings
  • Live Video Settings
  • Cross Network Computer Syncing
  • Network Settings for:
    ProPresenter Remote
    PVP Network
    Planning Center Online
  • ¬†Image and Video Behavior (How Video is Displayed on The Screen)
  • Module Set-Up

I marked this tutorial as intermediate because there is a little extra know how that is needed for some of these settings such as: output screen resolution, network settings, file management and file directories. Overall this is a very good tutorial to help the first time user get their system set-up. A couple things I find that are very important are image and video behavior and output display configuration. Image and video behavior is important because it handles how images and video get displayed on your output monitor, for instance if you had images that are smaller in resolution than that of your output display you can tell ProPresenter to stretch them to fit your screen and the same applies to video. Output display configuration sets the orientation and resolution of your output display which will help in properly displaying your presentations.

Video tutorial credit goes to Brad Zimmerman. YouTube Channel

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