ProPresenter 5 – Pre-Show Announcement Loops – Lesson 3

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ProPresenter 5 Tutorial: Difficulty Level – Beginner

This tutorial covers the following aspects of creating an announcement loop is this order:

  • Creating a New Blank Loop
  • Adding Media to the ProPresenter Loop Window
  • Adding a Custom Timers to Advance Your Media
  • Integrate Video Alongside Your Images in the Announcement Loop
  • Adding Timers in Your Announcement Loop

This tutorial shows you the basics of the announcement loop function and how to add timers. This is one of my favorite features of ProPresenter just because of how simple it is to create nice looking loops without the need of any other software. The tutorial also covers the timer function and how to apply those to your loops as well. Which is useful for letting people know the amount of time they have before service begins and this tutorial shows you how to insert the timer right inside the announcement loop.

Video tutorial credit goes to Brad Zimmerman. YouTube Channel

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